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Michigan Avenue Magazine (59,389 UMV) story by Kailley Lindman featuring the S’mores Bread Pudding. The piece, titled “9 Fancy S’mores to Satisfy Your Summer Cravings,” lists the bread pudding first, noting, "Pastry chef extraordinaire Karianne Soulsby’s s’mores-inspired creation is nothing short of an edible architectural marvel.”


Tasting Table (647,883 UMV) features a review of Seven Lions in an article March 3, 2015. The piece describes the restaurant as having a "slightly sophisticated vibe and a breezy menu of American favorites,” highlights Breakfast Cereal Bowl, and notes that the dessert menu is "one of the most fun dessert menus we've encountered in recent memory.”


Time Out Chicago (113,000 UMV/54,000 circulation) Amy Cavanaugh (March 27, 2015) writes that the Breakfast Cereal Bowl was “the best dish I had at Seven Lions, if not the best dessert I’ve had this year.”


Thrillist (3,938,328 UMV) July 22, 2015 names the Malt Shoppe Donut as one of “Chicago’s 8 Best Under-the-Radar donuts” noting "the brunch treat tastes like just like an old-fashioned malt, triggering both nostalgia and the need to stuff your face with a second and third order." (682,688 UMV) features the opening of Seven Lions, including restaurant concept.  Notes caramel bacon éclair, PB&C and S’Mores Bread Pudding. (1,523,000 UMV) features Seven Lions, week of March 5, 2015 Chicago newsletter.  The piece includes mention of Bourbon Banana Split and Mai Tai Custard Pie.


RedEye (751,221 UMV/200,000 circulation) features Seven Lions’ brunch service.  Piece highlights Cranberry Apricot Scone and Cheese Puff.


Chicago Food Magazine (5,825 UMV) contributor Lauren Knight wrote a piece titled "7 Reasons to Visit Seven Lions" including “inventive desserts” and the Breakfast Cereal Bowl.



Binge Magazine Jessica Vacco has written an excellent review of her experience at Seven Lions, featuring the Mai Tai Custard Pie.


Chicago Reader (505,752 UMV) Mike Sula reviewed Seven Lions and highlights Breakfast Cereal Bowl, Mai Tai Custard Pie and Lemon Lover. (3,900,000 UMV) has named Seven Lions as one of “Chicago’s 12 Best Winter Openings” and features a photo of the Bourbon Banana Split. 

Chef Karianne in the News

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